Alto los Principes, Paicaví N° 3281, Concepción - Chile

(56) 41-2522020 - 41-2522929

Mission and Vision

The British Royal School is inspired by the need to respond and be an educational proposal with quality in the city of Concepcion, which is base don the student-centered education, with emphasis on teaching English language. First as an educational tool and later forming a base in the personal and profesional development; considering that this language has become the médium of communication in all áreas of relations between countries around the world in a global context.


To achieve the visión set out above, our Institutional Educational Project, which hosts the requirements of the chilean Educational Reform, has as misión:

  • Learning to know
  • Learn to act
  • Learning to be
  • Learning to live together


The visión of our Educational Project results in the formation of a type of person capable of:

  • Discover the joy of construct in the own identity, freedom and responsibility.
  • Understand this task as a possibility of continuous growth.
  • Compromiso in the duties with himself and with the others.
  • Becoming happy, through the development of his capabilities, coexistence and solidarity interaction.